ManageEngine - Key Manager Plus

Key Manager Plus - Detail

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus is a web-based key management solution that helps you consolidate, control, manage, monitor, and audit the entire life cycle of SSH (Secure Shell) keys and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. It provides visibility into the SSH and SSL environments and helps administrators take total control of the keys to preempt breaches and compliance issues.


SSH key is a type of cryptographic key which permits users to authenticate and access a server in the system environment. When a user connects to a server with SSH, the server verifies the user's identity using their public key and allows access to the user by confirming the user's identity. By using this method, users can connect securely to a server without entering a password, which is more secure than using a password-based authentication system.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate encrypt data transmitted over a network. Whenever a user connects to a server using SSL, the server presents the SSL certificate to the user. Afterwards, the device verifies the certificate to ensure that it is valid and issued by a trustworthy certificate authority (CA). Data is securely transmitted over an encrypted connection if the certificate is valid between the user's device and the server. It prevents third parties from intercepting or tampering with the data.

What Problems Does ManageEngine Key Manager Plus Solve?

Safeguarding data in transit has always been a big challenge for security administrators. While SSH keys have helped organizations ensure security in remote administrative access and data transfer, digital keys present some unique challenges.

Usually, SSH keys are left unmonitored and unmanaged, making organizations vulnerable to cyber attacks. In the absence of an automated system, getting the list of all the keys in use, finding and restricting access privileges, and ensuring periodic rotation is a herculean task.

Similarly, managing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) environment can be daunting when organizations use a large number of SSL certificates issued by different vendors with varying validity periods. On the other hand, SSL certificates left unmonitored and unmanaged could expire, or rogue/invalid certificates could be used. Both scenarios could lead to service downtime or display of error messages that would destroy customer trust in data security and, in extreme cases, even result in security breaches.

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus has been designed to solve all these issues and serves a one-stop solution for managing all digital identities.

Benefits of Using Key Manger Plus

  1. Managing SSH keys in a centralized repository
  2. Ease of access to the data centers using landing server
  3. SSL certificate management solution
  4. Key store to secure any type of digital key
  5. SSH and SSL audit across the system environment
  6. An extensive collection of reports in one place