Restrict and regulate access to SSH and SSL servers.

Associate specific resources to users and establish granular access controls.

In many organizations, SSH keys and SSL certificates are randomly created and deployed without the administrator's knowledge. Because access is neither controlled nor monitored, organizations face information security threats. So, having a central mechanism to regulate and monitor access permissions is crucial.

Ideally, the administrators should create, deploy, and monitor the usage of SSH keys and SSL certificates. They must define access permissions based on users' roles and responsibilities and periodically review the information on who has access to what systems. In addition, the organization's IT policy (with respect to access controls) should be enforced. Needless to say, performing all these tasks manually will be time consuming and even error prone. On the other hand, implementing an automated system will simplify and secure the use of SSH keys and SSL certificates.

Key Manager Plus centralizes and automates creation, deployment and other activities pertaining to management of SSH keys and SSL certificates. It enforces strong access control measures and prevents access violations. Administrators, at any time, can terminate access by dissociating keys from their users. Administrators can also review access controls with the real-time audits and reports that Key Manager Plus generates.

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