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Software that's simple to deploy and easy to use. Spur your threat detection and response, and create value for your business.

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3 steps to security success in Industry

  • Step 1

    Enhance your AD security

  • Step 2

    Protect against the latest cyberattacks

  • Step 3

    Save money for your business

Log360 is a SIEM solution

that can help you achieve all three steps and reinvent your security.

With Log360, your security team can easily and effortlessly:

  • Thwart internal and external attacks by monitoring events in real time.
  • Reduce your mean time to detect and respond to threats.
  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities by performing in-depth root cause analysis and forensic investigations.
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Here's what you'll find in your demo:

  • Auditing users, computers, groups, services, and decoy accounts
  • Auditing PowerShell to see what scripts are being executed in your network
  • Monitoring and auditing network shares in your organization
  • Preventing data loss with comprehensive network visibility
  • Automating your threat response with prebuilt workflows

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