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What guidelines must I follow?

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    Stick to the word limit and the listed categories.

    A good word limit for your blog is 750-1,000 words. We only accept blogs that fall strictly under these five categories: SIEM, attack detection, UEBA, cloud security, and data security.

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    Add relevant backlinks and avoid promotional ones.

    Backlinks to reputable sources, like news sites, research reports, studies conducted by analyst firms, or academic references, are welcome. Avoid adding backlinks to promote any products or businesses.

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    Keep it simple, original, and insightful.

    We publish content that is error-free, factually accurate (including citations wherever necessary), original (unpublished), fresh, easy to understand, and insightful. To get a better idea of what we mean, we suggest you go through some of our published blogs. Any content found to be distasteful, abusive, or plagiarized will be immediately dismissed.

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    The blog will be edited according to our guidelines.

    We reserve the right to edit your work according to our style and standards before publishing it on our site. Don't worry, we'll be sure to keep all the good parts. Please be aware that once your blog has been published on Expert Talks, it should not be published elsewhere.

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    Read this legalese.

    ManageEngine will not be responsible for any intellectual property rights issues that may arise in connection with your guest blog content. You will be solely responsible for any intellectual property rights claims with respect to your work that is published on the Expert Talks site. We reserve the right to remove your content from our site, with or without prior notification, if we receive any complaint or if we reasonably believe that your content has infringed any third-party intellectual property rights. Please note that we neither solicit nor provide payment for our guest blogs.

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