On demand Webinar

SIEM Quarterly launch
showcase - Q1 2024
Log360’s new enhancements: Solving complexities in manual investigation and SOC operations



Product expert


45 Minutes

Webinar Agenda:

  • The pressing issue of extended breach cycle.
  • The role of contextual and guided threat investigations to shorten breach life cycle.
  • Walkthrough of log360’s incident workbench with a threat hunting use case.
  • Integrations with Threat Intelligence feeds.
  • Noise reduction through dual layered smart thresholds.

Why watch this webinar ?

Spotlight on some pressing market issues:
  • Rapid evolution of modern business environments - Cloud adoption, complex supply chains, awareness gaps, and human errors. We got prepared for efficiency, but has security caught up ?
  • Fragmented operations from overwhelming use of tools exhaust SOC teams, extending investigation lifecycles and resolution of breaches.
  • Targeted, customized attacks and stealthy techniques like "living off the land" complicate detection by blending with normal operations.
  • Need for guided investigation, automation, and use-case based security for efficient defense against evolving threats, empowering even short-staffed SOC teams.
How's Log360 connecting the market challenges to solutions:

The first quarterly launch bundle of Log360 in 2024 has been curated to address these exact issues with features like: alert noise reduction with ML based adaptive thresholds, unification of multiple risk assesment capabilities into a contextual investigative console integrating threat feeds like VirusTotal, and exclusive correlation packages that are predefined for modern attack vectors.

In this webinar, we discuss these pressing challenges in-depth and how Log360's Q1 launch serves different business usecases.


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