Securing corporate data and/or devices  

Securing devices is of paramount importance for organizations with an extensive mobile-only workforce. MDM provides with you both proactive and reactive security measures to protect the data and the device in general, foremost among which is updating the OS on the device, to patch existing OS vulnerabilities. Learn more about OS updates here

In case of device data, MDM lets you protect digital data at all its three stages - at rest, in transit and in use.

For data at rest, encryption and a strong passcode are some of the means to prevent unauthorized access of data at rest. Further, you can also provision policies to prevent unauthorized apps from accessing data used by the enterprise-approved apps and vice-versa.

Containerization can be used to protect the data in use as it isolates the personal and corporate data, ensuring you can have no access over the personal data present in the user's device(BYOD devices). The container encapsulates all the corporate policies, apps and the app data constituting a corporate workspace which is demarcated from the personal space. 

Further, MDM also provides a secure and confidential method of sharing documents using Content Management. You can add documents containing confidential corporate data into a repository in MDM and then distribute it to managed devices without any user intervention. You can know more about Content Management here

To protect data in transit, MDM provides you with a whole lot of policies such as configuring VPN, per-app VPN, global HTTP proxy etc, to ensure the data is transmitted securely. 

MDM also provides you with a set of security commands to lock/reset/wipe/geo-locate the device.Click here to know the full set of security commands

For lost devices, MDM has lost mode to secure lost devices and prevent unauthorized data access. Click here to know more about Lost Mode