Support for Apple iOS 9

Mobile Device Manager Plus is perfectly compatible with Apple iOS 9 to deliver a better experience for IT administrators and device users. The existing featuresas well as new ones pertaining to iOS 9 are supported. Here's how the optimization of Mobile Device Manager Plus with iOS 9 works on delivering a better performance in enterprise mobility management.

Simplified Device Management Saves Time

IT admins appreciate detailed and advanced control over the fleet of devices functioning in the organization.

  • Staging of devices and ongoing management has never been so easy. IT admins can fully automate the device enrollment, while alleviating the involvement of the users, as the iOS 9 complies to Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager (ABM/ASM) and Apple Configurator. Mobile Device Manager Plus supports these iOS device enrollment tools.
  • IT admins get complete supervision while ensuring security of the devices and the organization's data resources through iOS 9's new restriction policies. The significant ones include the restrictions of screen recording, AirDrop and iCloud Photo library uploads. IT admins can exhibit additional control over shared devices by imposing restrictions on modifications of device name, passcode and wallpaper and pairing of Apple Watch.

Apps Will Always be Managed

The integration of iOS 9 with Mobile Device Manager Plus gives the IT admins complete control over installing, updating and managing of apps.

  • Mobile Device Manager Plus is empowered to allow only the enterprise approved apps to be present in the devices.
  • For enterprises with device sharing policies, the Apple Business Manager Program (ABM) that involves bulk procurement of apps has been improved to license the apps to devices rather than users. The enterprises also don't need to worry about the leaving of employees the apps are associated with the devices, rather than the users' Apple IDs.

  • IT admins can now silently distribute apps to the devices through the Mobile Device Manager Plus without involving the users, as their Apple IDs are not required for authentication.

  • Updating of the apps is now controlled by the MDM. New fixes and upgrades can be sanctioned on real-time, across devices without disturbing the users.