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Robert S

Head of Product Management, Software

ManageEngine MDM helps us manage a fleet of devices at multiple locations. The remote administration of devices allows us to keep them up to date with the apps needed by our users. The administration dashboard is easy to use and the remote administration of devices is a time saver.


Tom C

Director of Technical services, IT

This was easy to set up, easy to understand, and just overall a great experience!



Civil engineering

The remote connection to Android devices is very good to be able to give support, the configurable options at the policy level are very varied too.


Zahir S

IT support and Help Desk, Pharmaceuticals

Easy to configure and deploy ,intuitive interface ,can be used to manage all platforms (Android,Windows,Apple)


Cody H

President, transportation

We recently implemented ManageEngine to easily manage our devices, create uniformity, and enhance security. After using the product for roughly a month now, we are very pleased with the results. Our team quickly embraced the idea's and have had great success. The front end interface is clutter free and customizable. The backend offers an abundance of control and analytics. We love the ability to remotely manage our devices including remote control when needed. Lastly, small business prices under 26 devices is FREE.



Director, IT services

Ease of use, features, features and fair price.


Cody F


Excellent integration with Samsung Knox, has all the features that Knox provides.


Laurent F

Digital project manager, Marketing

You can manage all your devices all in one across different OS. Enrolment fits all needs (from larger fleets to small teams to OEM) Very Flexible


Haajudeen J

Network and security, retail

We have been using Manage Engine MDM Kiosk Mode for a year now which increases the mobile users productivity and reduced WAN usage. I would recommend anyone to go with this product without any second thought.


Jacob B

CTO, Internet

Very easy to get up and running. Rock solid product.


Gary L

IT analyst, retail

Exactly as advertised, great for SMB. Favorite thing was ease of use and how all of the functions worked right away. This was the cloud version.


Aiah K

ICT manager

We operate in a country where mobile data is prices are on the high side and we provide tablets to health workers for disease surveillance and reporting, however without MDM we had issues with users misusing the data sent to the tablets. As soon as we introduced MDM plus on the device we were able to stop data misuse by staff and resulted in us abling to reliably estimate data cost to run the devices in the field. Very good solution for Samsung devices, works seamlessly with these devices and takes away the pain of setting up devices from scratch. You just need to give the device internet access and enroll and sit back and relax. The support is also good for the product, I normally get any issue resolved within an hour.


Jeremy H

Systems engineer

I was amazed at the ease of setup. The pricing is very competitive and the setup /config was very straightforward. We were having an issue with our current MDM conflicting with a push-to-talk application used here and Manage Engine's MDM had no such issues.



Sales and support manager

Simple, cost effective and feature rich.


Alexis G


Easy to use, no training needed, very affordable price tag.


Paolo D

Consultant, SMB

Easy unattended setup for Samsung education tablets. Customization of Play Store really fantastic. High security level and customization for the devices including fence and possibility to clean up the devices remotely. Due budget limitations the free version up to 25 devices makes this platform the best option for us.


Henrik Bjorn

HR manager, SMB

Lots of functionality across standard platforms. Easy to manage devices and groups, and manage group specific settings and policies.


Mariyam Akbar S

Patient experience officer

Centralized management for any OS, apps, and device management without any hassle.


M Harris

Director of technology

The interface is very easy to use, has tons of options from basic to advanced. There is a lot of help material on the site so even a rookie can setup their devices quickly. The online support is very fast and helpful. Overall a great platform for MDM.


Martin K


MDM Plus is a tool that allows efficient management of a large pool of mobile devices. The most important feature is, that you don't need to assign apps and settings directly to physical devices. Such configuration can be applied to groups, where groups can then be dynamically assigned to devices. By using this separation it is possible to manage even large groups of users with each having different requirements.


Mike L

IT manager

Using this software I can wipe a device and prepare it for redeployment even if the previous user has locked the device or forgotten to sign out of the apple account assigned to the device.


Orlando A

Owner, SMB

We just started using the Device Manager and it surprised me how easy it was setting up the android devices. From what I can see you can manage up to 26 devices FREE, so this is great for our company because as we grow we can implement this and once we get big enough (over 26 devices) we can decide to purchase this to manage our devices, as the value is there I couldn't see any reason why we wouldn't choose this software.


Scott W

Director, IT

By far, this application is easier to use than any other MDM software we have tested. We focused on the features of self enrollment and silent application installation both of which work perfectly.


Matthew C

Manager of Operations, IT services

ME's MDM Software is amazingly easy to deploy! Seems stable, and support has been excellent!


Martin H

IT management, hospitality

Does the job with hard to solve problem -- still implementing but the more I use I understand the features and power that it brings to the table. I particularly like the remote viewing. I have technologically unsophisticated user base and the ability to address issues even while on train.


Anna M

Software engineer, retail

This device manager allows us to raise our security levels in our commercial center, we have hundreds of cameras and mobile devices connected to our network, as well as intelligent security cameras, which perform a constant monitoring of each space of our facilities, with this tool we can control all this type of electronic devices through some applications we have developed, so, we maintain security at optimal levels, because any failure, however minor, our networked systems, under this application, will notify us of any type of failures in the security network that we handled, previously we did not have such an advanced security system, but due to the different events that have transpired in recent years in our country, various attacks, and other types of systems, that we all know, we decided, to raise our security levels to the maximum, and with this application, pod We control and monitor the different devices we use for this service, which we offer for our clients, and for ourselves.

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Industry: Finance

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus empowers IIFL to centrally manage 17,000 devices with just one technician.

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Industry: Telecommunications

Vodafone Qatar securely manages over 2,500 POS Devices in retail stores across Qatar using Mobile Device Manager Plus.

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Industry: Microfinance

Mobile Device Manager Plus helps Baobab's IT deploy apps 1,000 times faster.

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Industry: Manufacturing

Combilift makes its mobile device management easy, with ManageEngine.

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Industry: Marketing

eXPD8 ensures security for over 2,200 remote devices utilizing Mobile Device Manager Plus.

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Industry: Government

Fox Valley Park District gains complete visibility over its fleet of devices with Mobile Device Manager Plus

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Industry: Construction

Improving productive hours by eliminating the tech setup time and travel time with Mobile Device Manager Plus

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Industry: Government

One solution, two wins: How Tequesta embraces ManageEngine to ace reprovisioning and compliance

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Industry: Automotive

Mobile Device Manager Plus empowers RJTK group with cost-effective and efficient mobile device management

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UFCW 227

Industry: Labor Union

Mobile Device Manager Plus empowers UFCW 227 to help frontline workers.

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Raf Verbeeck

ICT Director, Armonea NV

Mobile Device Manager Plus currently helps us manage devices divided over 84 physical locations without a glitch and only costs a fraction of what the competition charges, I’d go for Mobile Device Manager Plus any day of the week.


Abdoul Karim

Engineer-System, Baobab

Mobile Device Manager Plus helps us manage more than 1000 mobile devices. It's a must-have tool that would happily recommend it to any IT department.


Richard Wainstein

IT Manager, Metro Express

Metro Express uses Mobile Device Manager Plus to make device setup and management simple and seamless.

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IT Manager, India Cements

We evaluated multiple MDM products and found that Manage Engine's Mobile Device Manager Plus is the best in-class product for both Cloud and On-Premises.



Manager - IT Infrastructure, ABP Pvt. Ltd

Mobile Device Manager Plus' bReadth of support and platform-independence helped us a lot as we could control Windows, Android and Apple devices using the same dashboard


Mike Gillan

ICT Manager, Citizens Advice and Rights Fife

Mobile Device Manager Plus' pricing is competitive and is the icing on the cake. This is the first ManageEngine product I’ve used and I have the feeling I’ll be using a lot more of their products in the future.



Information Services Systems Administrator, HPM Building Supply

After researching several companies, we zeroed in on ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus, because it checked most of our boxes and was reasonably priced. ManageEngine has been a time saver and has simplified device setup.

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