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Integrate Active Directory(AD)

In any organization, AD plays an important role thanks to its extensive capabilities including but not restricted to user management, identity management, authentication etc., Integrating AD with MDM, lets MDM leverage these capabilities, to further device management.Currently MDM Cloud supports integration with Azure AD and Microsoft On-Premises Active Directory.

Advantages of AD Integration

  • Enrollment through AD credentials

    In enrollment by invites, employees can use their AD credentials to authenticate themselves and enroll devices, instead of using OTP. In addition, AD credentials as a part of Two-factor authentication, to further improve security.

  • AD-based self enrollment

    Employees can also use their AD credentials, to enroll their devices using self enrollment provided the domain has been verified.

  • Logging in through AD credentials

    Technicians can use AD credentials, to login to the MDM Cloud web client.

  • Restrict Self Enrollment

    Self enrollment can be permitted to specific AD groups

  • User auto-suggest

    Adding AD users ensures these users are auto-suggested, when creating enrollment requests

If you integrate your AD with MDM, you can have the AD user details imported to MDM, as explained here.

Integrating Directory Services

  • On-Premises Active Directory Integrate your Microsoft on-premises AD with the cloud version of Mobile Device Manager Plus using Zoho Directory, our in-house solution.

  • Integrate Azure Active Directory Integrate your organization's Azure Active Directory with MDM Cloud and configure policies based on AD-users and groups.

  • Verifying the added domain Verify your domain to ensure the AD domain added is valid and you have the requisite privilege to use the AD domain.

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