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Integrate Azure Active Directory(AD)

Azure has been fast rising as the preferred AD services for organizations, especially as more organization go cloud. With that in consideration, you can integrate the Azure AD of your organization with MDM, to configure policies based on AD-users and/or groups. You need to use an Azure account, with global administrator privileges, to integrate Azure AD with MDM Cloud.

Integration Procedure

You need to follow the steps below to integrate your Azure AD with MDM:

  • On the MDM Server, click on Enrollment tab from the top menu and select Active Directory(AD) Integration from the left pane.
  • Click on Add Azure AD and then click on Authorize Now, to authorize MDM to access your AD details.
  • On clicking a new windows opens, where you need to provide your Azure AD administrator credentials. Once done, click on Accept after viewing all the requisite permissions needed by MDM for integration. MDM requires all the permissions listed.
  • Once the integration is succesful, you will be redirected back to the MDM server. If you want to utilize AD credentials for self-enrollment, select the option Use the above Active Directory for authentication and click on Finish. Also, to enable self enrollment using AD, you need to verify the organization domain.

Permissions required by MDM

Here are the list of permissions required by MDM for integrating Azure AD:

  • Read all users' profiles
  • Read and write domains
  • Sign in and read user profile
  • Read and write all groups
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