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Import AD user details

This lets you import the Active Directory of your organization to ensure configuration of AD-based profiles such as E-mail, Exchange etc., You can either upload the CSV file downloaded from AD or download the CSV file provided by MDM, modify the CSV file and upload it to the MDM Server.

Upload CSV file downloaded from AD

  1. To export the AD users list as a CSV file, run the following script using Powershell in the machine where Active Directory is installed.
  2. Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties * | Select-Object -Property SamAccountName,EmailAddress | Sort-Object -Property Name | ConvertTo-CSV | Out-File <Directory>://<file-name>.csv

  3. Provide in the directory details and obtain the CSV file containing the list of users. The obtained CSV file will contain default values and in some cases, data might be blank. Ensure all the required data is provided before upload.
  4. Modify the headers SamAccountName and EmailAddress to USER_NAME and EMAIL_ADDRESS respectively.
  5. Add an additional column DOMAIN_NAME and fill in the AD-domain for the users.
  6. Upload the CSV file, after verifying its adherence to the specified CSV format.

Upload the CSV file downloaded from MDM

  1. Click on the Enrollment tab and click Import AD users.
  2. Click on the Download CSV file link. Modify the user name and domain name in the CSV file.
  3. Upload the modified CSV file by clicking the Upload button.

Note: The CSV file downloaded from MDM contains the list of users managed using MDM. You may also upload self-created CSV files, provided it adheres to the format specified below.

Sample CSV format

user1, user1@domain.com, domain, +countrycode-number
user2, user2@domain.com, domain, +countrycode-number

  1. USER_NAME, EMAIL_ADDRESS and DOMAIN_NAME are mandatory columns.
    USER_NAME: AD user name
    EMAIL_ADDRESS: E-mail address used for enrollment(same as the e-mail specified in the Active Directory).
    DOMAIN_NAME: AD domain to which the particular user belongs to.
    PHONE_NUMBER: The user's mobile number to which a SMS enrollment invite can be sent
  2. Details for all the 3 columns are to be provided. PHONE_NUMBER is an optional field.
  3. For CSV file downloaded from MDM, ensure only user name and domain name is modified as the e-mail address is used to map the user name in the MDM.
  4. Domain name can be modified only once. The domain name is retained and cannot be changed later.
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