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User Administration

Managing multiple devices like mobile phones,tablets and desktops , which may range from Corporate owned, BYOD/ COPE,kiosks can be challenging, especially when they're mapped across different departments and individuals in a large enterprise spread across continents. Hence we have the User Administration module to simplify your workflow, streamline your IT resources (users) and synchronise responsibilities for enchanced efficiency.

User Administration lets you delegate different levels of resources in your IT Team like technicians, managers and Department heads to the Mobile Device manager Plus web console. Further you have the choice to customize their account according to their role and requirements.

Some of the features of User Administration are:

  1. Add or assign technicians as per your requirement,
  2. Create titles or roles with module specific permissions,
  3. Define the level of access across groups and devices,
  4. Standardize user management across your organisation.

For ease of understanding we've divided Mobile Device Manager User Administration into 3 sections:

  1. User Management
  2. Permissions
  3. Scope

    Note: The User Administration module can be accessed under: Admin>Global Settings>User Administration

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