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Integrating ManageEngine Analytics Plus with MDM MSP

ManageEngine Analytics Plus is a software that provides granular insights into your organization's network. By integrating Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP with Analytics Plus you can now obtain real time dashboards and extensive reports on your managed mobile devices.This is applicable only for MDM on-premises


  • MDM server build number should be 92850 or higher.
  • Analytics Plus server build number should be 4420 or higher.

Integration Procedure

To integrate Analytics Plus with MDM, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download Analytics Plus if you don't have an existing instance.
  2. On the MDM server, navigate to Admin, and under Integration, click on Generate API Key.
  3. Click on Generate API key and select Analytics Plus under Applications.
  4. The permissions required by the app will be listed, click on Generate Key.
  5. Copy the API key generated.
  6. On the Analytics Plus console, select Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP from the Import your data section.
  7. In the pop-up window, provide the workspace name and the MDM server URL
  8. Paste the API key that was obtained from the MDM console and click on Authenticate.
  9. Upon successful authentication, all the MDM modules from which data is fetched will be listed. Configure the import settings to specify when the data must be synced from MDM.
  10. Create to create a workspace with all the reports. You'll be able to access the interactive dashboards and reports from this workspace.
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