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Managed Guest session

When organizations manage devices that will be used by multiple employees, ensuring privacy to users while allowing them to browse on the devices becomes a challenge. Mobile Device Manager supports Managed Guest sessions for Chrome OS devices, to allow multiple users to browse on a single device with privacy. For security purposes, the admin can configure how the browsing sessions will be used, by allowing or restricting specific browser functionalities.

Note: Managed Guest Session cannot be configured with other payloads in a profile. It has to be configured separately and associated with the required devices.

Supported Configurations

Profile Specification Description
Display name A name for the session, that does not exceed 40 characters needs to be specified.
Session duration Optionally, the admin can specify the duration of a browsing session, anytime between 1 and 1440 minutes. If this field is left blank, there will be no limit applied to browsing sessions for users.
Home Button Allow/Restrict the usage of the Home button on Chrome OS devices.
Mount external storage device Restrict connecting to an external storage device by selecting the Disable option. You can also allow Read only or Read-write access when an external storage device is connected.
Chrome Browser settings
Incognito Mode Allow/Restrict the usage of Incognito Mode on the Google Chrome browser.
Pop-ups Allow/Restrict displaying of pop-ups on Chrome. In case, you configure it as User Controlled, users can enable/disable it as per their needs.
URLs for which pop-ups are to be allowed (This option can be configured only when Pop-ups have been selected as 'Allow') Specify the URLs which are permitted to display pop-ups.
URL's for which pop-ups are to be blocked. Specify the URLs which are blocked from displaying pop-ups.
Secure Browsing Allow/Restrict safe browsing on Google Chrome.
Malicious websites Allow/Restrict users from accessing malicious websites.
Save History Allow/Restrict saving browsing history.
Delete History Allow/Restrict deleting browsing history.
Bookmark bar Allow/Restrict using bookmarks on Google Chrome.
Modiy Bookmarks Allow/Restrict modifying bookmarks on Google Chrome.
Browser Homepage Select what needs to be displayed on the browser's homepage. You can choose whether to display a blank page, or a specified URL can be displayed.
Load URL's once the session begins: (This can be configured only if URL's are specified) Specify the URL's to be loaded once the browsing session is started.
Web Content Filter
Filter Type Specify the filter based on whether URL's are to be blocklisted/allowlisted.
URL's to be allowlisted/blocklisted: Specify the URLs to be allowed or blocked during the session. The user(s) will be able to browse the Internet, but not be allowed to access the specified URL's
Managed Bookmarks
Folder name Specify a name for folders with bookmarks created.
Modify Bookmarks Allow/Restrict modifying bookmarks within the folder, on Google Chrome.
URL Specify the URL for the bookmark that needs to be edited.
Bookmark name Specify the display name for the bookmark.
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