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Shared iPad Configuration

You can configure the settings for shared iPads with this profile. This profile is applicable to devices enrolled as shared iPads and running iPadOS 14 or above.

Guest Mode on Shared iPad

Guest Mode can enable temporary user sessions. Users can login to Shared iPads without needing to enter a Managed Apple ID. Safari browsing activity, app data and any other changes made will be removed when the guest user is logged out.

Profile Description

Allow shared iPad access through Type of users who have access to shared iPad can be selected here. Managed Apple ID, Guest Mode or both Managed Apple ID and Guest Mode can be selected from the drop-down menu. Selecting Guest Mode will enable guest user sessions on the device, while selecting Managed Apple ID ensures that only users who are authorized to use the iPad can use them.
Enable idle timeout to logout users Allowing this option will log out users after certain period of inactivity.
Idle timeout The time in minutes after which inactive users are logged out. This option will be displayed only if Enable idle timeout to logout users is set as Yes.
Maximum time to unlock device without passcode The duration within which the users can unlock iPads without passcode.
Allow diagnostics submission Restricting this option will prevent diagnostics data from being sent to app developers for events like app crash.
Allow app analytics Restricting this option will prevent app usage data from being sent to app developers.
Enable Online Authentication While signing into the Shared iPad, the user's passcode is locally verified without internet connection. Online Authentication is required to verify the user's passcode against Apple's identity server. Using this setting, you can enforce online authentication every time or after certain days when users sign into the Shared iPad. Applicable only for devices running iPadOS 16.0 and above.
Grace Period for Online Authentication If the devices are managed without the internet, then the Admins can allow the device to authenticate users locally. Local Authentication doesn't require internet connection. Grace Period for online authentication can be used to verify the existing user's passcode locally during login without network connection. Online Authentication will be enforced only after the number of days specified in the grace period. Applicable only for devices running iPadOS 16.0 and above.
Login screen domain name suggestions You can specify the list of domains that your organization has registered with Apple Business Manager to display on the login screen. Once users start typing their managed Apple ID, it automatically recommends the users to pick their domain name and makes signing into Shared iPad even easier. Applicable only for devices running iPadOS 16.0 and above.

Screens of Shared iPads will turn off in two minutes when left idle. This setting cannot be changed through MDM or the device currently. Users logged in with Managed Apple ID may have to enter the password to unlock the device, depending on the value entered in Maximum time to unlock device without passcode.

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