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Windows Configuration Profiles

You can create profiles to impose policies and restrictions on the managed mobile device. The following profile specifications can be customized and stored in specific versions, to be associated with devices/groups at any point of time. These Profiles are tailored for managing Windows devices. Restrictions, Wi-Fi, VPN, and Certificate profiles are also supported for Surface Hubs running Windows 10 Team OS.

Profiles supported

  • Passcode - Defines parameters about creating a password.
  • Restrictions  - Restrictions and permissions related to device functionality like disabling SD card and encrypting device data.
  • Wi-Fi - Configuring Wi-Fi and proxy settings for devices to connect to a secure Wi-Fi network.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Configuring VPN and proxy settings to securely access corporate data from the devices.
  • E-mail - Configuring mail settings including mail server authentication and SSL.
  • Exchange ActiveSync - Configuring ActiveSync settings to sync Exchange data with the client apps on devices.
  • Kiosk - Configure Kiosk to restrict devices to a specific application.
  • Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) - Integrate with Certificate Authority to automate distribution client certificates to secure devices through certificate-based authentication.
  • Certificate - Configure Certificate profile to push CA certificates to the managed devices.
  • Custom Configuration - Configuring customized configurations and distribute them using MDM.
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