For Android agent release notes, refer to this link

Enhancements between Builds 11.1.2400.6 to 11.1.2401.10


  1. OS upgrade and security patch update time for Android devices are now displayed under Inventory.
  2. MDM now allows exporting profiles as PDFs to assist with auditing purposes.
  3. Web shortcut profiles for both iOS and Android now offer the option to specify the display name separately. This means that you can now distribute different web shortcut URLs to various users while displaying the same name on the device's home screen.

Bug fixes

  1. Issues with modifying the Universal apps have been fixed.
  2. Issue with posting asset details of MDM devices to SDP in integrated setups has been fixed.
  3. Issues with selecting multiple apps in the Windows Multi-app Kiosk profile have been fixed.
  4. Remote view for iOS and iPadOS is no longer supported for versions below 13.0
  5. Issues with applying filter and sort actions within MDM Inventory have been fixed.
  6. In iOS Multi-app Kiosk mode, you can now choose up to 350 apps.
  7. Issues with loading the home page for users with access permission only to the Inventory module, have been fixed.
  8. Issues with displaying group data under the App Repository have been fixed.