How to configure Mobile Device Manager Plus server and MySQL database to run on different computers?

NOTE: MDM has stopped support for MySQL. Kindly use MS-SQL or PGSQL.


In case you are looking to maintain your Mobile Device Manager Plus Server and MYSQL database on two different machines, for reasons related to performance, data backup etc, you can achieve it with a simple configuration. The following steps will help you configure the Mobile Device Manager Plus Server and the MySQL database in two different machines. For ease of operation, we have differentiated the steps that need to be carried out on the respective machines.

Steps to be performed on the computer where Mobile Device Manager Plus server is installed

  1. Open the file MDMServer\conf\Persistence\persistence-configurations.xml and change the below value as specified.

    StartDBServer=false (default is true applicable for local DB)
  2. Open the file MDMServer\conf\database_params.conf and replace the 'localhost' in the below specified with the machine name or ip-address of remote computer where the DB is running (or will run).

    [Note: In case of changing the port, change 23306 to desired free port. Also change DB_PORT value in MDMServer\mysql\setDBEnv.bat]
  3. Copy the below files(with same directory structure) in the remote computer where the DB needs to be installed. Ensure that MySQL Service is not running when you copy these files. (MDMServer\bin\stopDB.bat  will shut it down if it is running)
    MDMServer\mysql\** (complete folder)

Steps to be followed on the Remote Computer where the Database has to be installed

  1. Open a command prompt with "Run As Administrator" option.
  2. Change directory to MDMServer\mysql folder.
  3. Execute the below commands in the same order:
    mysql-service.bat install (this command will register mysql as service with the name as MDM-MySQL)
    mysql-service.bat start(this command will start the mysql service, alternatively you can use Services snap-in from Control Panel to start/stop the service)
  4. mysql-privilege.bat SERVER_HOST_NAME (provide the computer name or ip-address of the machine where the Mobile Device Manager Plus server is running in place of SERVER_HOST_NAME) (execute this command only after the mysql service has successfully started.)