How to configure Office 365 in mail server settings?


This document will explain the steps involved in configuring Office 365 in Mail Server Settings on Mobile Device Manager Plus.

Note: Microsoft will soon withdraw basic authentication support for mail servers by 1 October 2022. We recommend that users move to OAuth Authentication while configuring mail server settings.

Configuring Mail Server settings using Office 365 - OAuth Authentication

  • On the Mobile Device Manager Plus console, click on the Admin tab.
  • Under Setting Up MDMP, click on Mail Server Settings.
  • Specify the following details:
    1. Server Name :
    2. Port :587 (When port 587 is specified, TLS has to be enabled.)
    3. Sender Email Address: Any email address with an independent mailbox (not a shared one)
    4. Test Email Address: Any Email Address to receive test emails.
    5. Email Type: SMTP
    6. Enable TLS: Yes
  • Login to the Microsoft Azure Portal , using your Microsoft credentials.
  • Navigate to App Registrations and click on New registration.
  • Enter the name and choose the supported account type.
  • Obtain the Redirect URL by navigating to Mail Server Settings > Authorization Server Details on the Mobile Device Manager Plus console.
  • On the Microsoft Azure Portal, choose the type of platform and enter the Redirect URL.
  • Click on Register to obtain the Client ID
  • To create a Client secret, Navigate to Certificates and Secrets and click on New Client Secret.
  • Enter a description and expiry period for secret and click Add to obtain the Client Secret.
  • After obtaining both the Client ID and Client Secret, enable the API service for Office365.
  • Now, enter the Client ID and Client Secret on the Mobile Device Manager Plus console, and click Save.

You have successfully configured Office 365 in Mail Server Settings, using OAuth Authentication.