How to enroll Apple TV using Apple Configurator?


Mobile Device Manager Plus supports multiple features that helps organizations manage their Apple TV. Admins can enroll the Apple TV into MDM using either Apple Configurator or Apple Business Manager to enable Supervision on Apple TV. Supervision of devices provides admins additional control over Apple TV and allows them to remotely lock, lock down Apple TV to specific apps and a lot more. The recommended method to enroll Apple TV is using ABM. But, organization's prefer using Apple Configurator if ABM is not available in their country.


A Mac machine running Apple Configurator 2 or any other compatible version.


  1. Switch on the newly purchased Apple TV or reset the Apple TV to factory settings if it was already in use.
  2. In the Device Activation Settings, navigate to the Pair Remote screen. Connect the Apple TV and the Mac with Apple Configurator to the same network using ethernet cables. 
  3. On Apple Configurator, click on Paired Devices and pair with the Apple TV by entering the 6 digit PIN that is displayed on the Apple TV. Alternatively, you can also connect the Apple TV to the Mac using a USB cable.
  4. Control click and select Prepare and prepare the device with the following settings
    • Enable Supervise device.
    • Optionally, enable Allow devices to pair with other computers.

  5. Click Next.
  6. From the MDM server, copy the Enrollment URL available by navigating Enrollment -> Apple Configurator -> Configuration Steps ->Step 5. Paste this URL on Apple Configurator with the server name.
  7. Click on Next to show the available anchor certificates which will be automatically trusted. If it takes too long to trust the certificate, click Next.
  8. Provide the organization details in the next screen. This will be displayed on Supervised devices.
  9. The next screen titled Configure tvOS Setup Assistant will display a list of initial setup steps that can be skipped during enrollment.
  10. On the MDM server, the Apple TV will be available under Apple Configurator with the status Awaiting device activation.
  11. On the device, the user must apply the configuration upon startup to complete the enrollment.