How to configure Honeywell OEMConfig app?


Using Honeywell OEMConfig app, IT Admins can configure OEM-specific features using managed app configurations on Honeywell devices. With Mobile Device Manager Plus, admins can use the OEMConfig feature to remotely configure Honeywell device settings by modifying the app configurations on the MDM console and distributing it to the devices. 


  1. Honeywell devices with Android OS 5.0 or above, and enrolled as Profile Owner or Device Owner.
  2. Managed Google Play should be configured
  3. The Honeywell OEMConfig app must be added to the App Repository using Managed Google Play.


Follow the steps given below, to modify the app settings in Configurations tab:

  • On the MDM console, click on Device Mgmt tab and select Profiles.
  • Click on Create Profile -> Android -> OEM Configurations
  • Select Honeywell OEMConfig app as the OEM Configurations app and click on Continue.
  • On the set-up screen, you will find a list of fields where you can enter values to the configurations you want to apply.

    General Settings Provide Bundle IDs of apps to be whitelisted or blacklisted
    Operational Intelligence Settings Enable or disable this option to allow or block Honeywell Operational Intelligence service. If enabled, the device may collect and send to Honeywell certain technical information (e.g. battery charge, connectivity, and location) concerning the device and its usage.
    Device Management
    Device Provisioning Configure device provisioning settings to provide or clear the password for Honeywell Launcher Placeholder
    Auto-Install Settings Enable or disable this option to Auto-install apps
    Ezconfig settings Enable or disable this setting to allow or restrict password protection for Ezconfig and the provisioning intents unrestricted
    Honeywell Provisioning Mode Settings Configure the Provision mode, set password and whitelist applications that can have access to Honeywell provisioning folders.
    Restrictions Configure Restrictions to enable or disable ClipBoard, Factory reset in Boot menu, Android Share Option, etc.
    Emergency Settings Configure MDM Restrictions related to Emergency Settings. Hide or display emergency button. Enable or disable Emergency, Amber, Extreme and/or Severe Alerts
    Network Settings Enable or disable Network Location Provider and Roaming Data.
    Notifications Settings Enable or disable Cacert Notification, Notification LED and System Notification.
    Quick Menu Configure Quick Menu to allow settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Airplane Mode, etc., to be displayed in quick menu
    Display Settings
    Display Settings Configure display settings such as Adaptive Brightness, Brightness level, Display sleep, Screen Rotation, etc.
    Daydream Enable or disable Screensaver and set Screensaver components.
    Input and Output Settings
    LED Settings Select Battery LED Mode and choose default or HSM Battery LED.
    Key Remap and Wakeup Settings Enable or disable this option to allow or restrict Key Remap and Wakeup Settings.
    Touch Settings Enable or disable touch panel mode and enable Stylus, Glove use or Touch enhanced settings
    Defroster Settings Enable or disable Defroster, Defroster Trip Point and Defroster Operation Mode
    Dock Settings Set Vehicle Dock mode and enable VDock Mode or Scan handle mode
    Storage Settings Enable or disable SD Card Access
    USB Settings Configure USB Settings to lock USB charging, MTP or PTP mode.
    Network Settings
    Bluetooth configurations Enable or disable Bluetooth, Bluetooth Whitelist and provide the OUI(Organizationally unique identifier) information to Bluetooth Whitelist. Provide Bluetooth device name and enable Silent Pairing.
    Network Settings Enter DHCP Host Name
    Ethernet Settings Enable or disable Ethernet and configure Ethernet Settings
    Network Configuration Enter captive portal server URL, restricts usage of celluar data in backgourd for app, enable or disable Airplane Mode
    WiFi Settings Configure WiFi settings such as Frequency Band, Fast Transition, PowerSave, P2P property, etc.
    Supplicant Enter SSID to Delete Wi-Fi Access Point
    WWAN Settings Configure WWAN APN Profile. Enable or disable Roaming Data or Cellular Data
    Network Configuration Enable or disable to allow or block Beam or NFC.
    Scanner Settings Configure Scanner (DCS) Settings. Configure BLE, Internal Scanner and Serial Scanner Profiles.
    System Settings
    Date and Time Configure Date and Time format, Time Zone, etc.
    Doze Mode Enable or disable doze mode.
    Logger Settings Enable or disable HXLogger and provide path of the logger folder. Allow or block ANR Plugin, Tombstone Plugin, TCPDump Plugin, SnapShot Plugin, Dumpsys Plugin, DiagMdLog Plugin and Camera Plugin
    Developer Options
    Developer Options Enable or disable logging options such as Bluetooth HCI log, bug report, view attributes, etc.
    OS SDK Settings
    OS SDK Restricted Operations Whitelist Enter Bundle IDs or package names of applications allowed to perform sensitive operations provided by the Honeywell SDK.
    Language and Input Settings
    Language, Locale and IME Provide your Locale Country and language, default input method, etc. Enable or disable Keyboard Suggestion, PublixSetting HonKeyboard, Autofill, etc.
    Text To Speech Setting Configure default text-to-speech engine speech rate.
    Location Configuration
    Location Configuration Enable or disable Wifi Scan Always and Bluetooth Low Energy Scan Always
    Web SDK Settings
    Web SDK Settings Enable or disable Web Interface Settings and provide the port number
    Power Settings
    Power Settings Configure Power Mode and enter the timeout of inactivity after which device will sleep or shutdown.
    Sound and Notification Settings
    Sound and Notification Settings Configure the Volume settings such as Music volume, Ring volume, etc., and Notification Settings such as Vibrate when ringing, Ringtone Sound, etc.
    System Security Settings
    System Security Settings Enable or restrict Power Button to instantly lock the screen and the Settings to show password characters in text editor.
    User Configuration Enable or disable Add Users From Locked Screen to allow or restrict users from adding more users or guest from lockscreen.
    Sensor Settings
    Sensor Settings Enable or disable Keep Device Awake on Motion Detection setting and Suspend device when face down setting
    Accessibility Enable or disable Display Magnification, High Text Contrast, In-Call Power Button Behavior, etc.
    Color correction Enable or disable Accessibility Display Daltonizer
    Captions Enable or disable Captioning and configure the Captioning Font Scale and Locale.
    Data Auto-Sync Enable or disable this option to sync data automatically
    Battery Settings
    Battery Settings Provide value of Upper Limit and Lower Limit for Battery in %.
    Battery configuration Enable or disable Battery Saver to turn on battery save mode and configure the Battery level, at which low power mode automatically turns on.
    Printing Configuration
    Printing Configuration Enable or disable cloud print services
    System Update Settings
    System Update Settings Specify the URL to download and install a specific OS firmware update package. Allow or restrict System Firmware Downgrades

  • Make use of dynamic variables to ensure that these configurations can be applied to all the users. Dynamic variables fetch the respective value that has been assigned to the device.
  • Once you have entered the values and made all the changes, click Save.
  • The Honeywell OEMConfig app can now be distributed to the devices.