How to renew ABM server tokens?


Mobile Device Manager Plus allows admins to make use of Apple Business Manager to enroll mobile devices. One of the pre-requisites to use ABM is the creation of a server token that allows the integration of the MDM server with the ABM portal. This token that is created, expires in a year and has to be renewed. It is recommended to renew the token well ahead in time to continue using the ABM portal to enroll mobile devices.  

As Mobile Device Manager Plus supports multiple ABM accounts, the admin can integrate multiple ABM accounts with the MDM server. As the expiry dates for the server tokens may be different, the admin will be notified to renew the tokens 15 days prior to the expiry date of every token. Follow the steps given below to renew the ABM server token


To renew the ABM server token, follow the steps given below:

  1. In Apple Enrollment (ABM/ASM), click on Servers to view a list the available servers.

  2. Choose the server for which the token is to be renewed and under Actions, select Replace Token.

  3. Click on Download to download the PEM file. Sign in to ABM portal and upload the PEM file on the ABM portal.

  4. On the ABM portal, click on your organization name present on the bottom left corner and then select Preferences.

  5. Select the server for which the token is to be regenerated.

  6. Click on Edit and upload the downloaded Public Key and click on Apply to apply the changes.

  7. Regenerate the token by clicking on Download Token.

  8. On the MDM Console->Enrollment->Apple Enrollment (ABM/ASM) and upload the new token on the MDM server to complete the renewal process.