Error while registering FCM


End user is trying to enroll a mobile device and he gets the error message "Error while registering FCM".


This occurs when the FCM Registration is not yet complete because


FCM ports required for enrollment are blocked

You have to verify if the Port numbers 5228, 5229, 5230 are open on the fire wall, when the mobile device connects to the internet through WiFi. These ports enable communication between the mobile device and the FCM. Also, you have to configure the firewall to enable connectivity to all IP addresses present in the IP Blocks listed in Google's ASN of 15169. For more information on Google's ASN of 15169, refer to this.

Google Services are not available

If Google Services including FCM is unavailable in your country, then MDM cannot contact/manage the Android device. To ensure MDM can contact the device, change the communication mode by navigating to Enrollment tab and select ME MDM app under Android section. Under Configure Mode of Communication, select Periodic as the communication type and save the settings. Period mode of communication ensures the MDM server contacts the device once every 60 minutes. However, on-demand security features such as Corporate Wipe, Remote lock etc., may not function properly. 

Device date/time incorrect

Ensure the date and time in the device is correct.

Google Play Services/Google Play Store is missing/disabled on the device

Ensure Google Play Services/Google Play Store is install on the device. If already installed, then

  • Uninstall the Google Play Services update by navigating to Settings->Apps->Google Play Services->Uninstall Updates.
  • Clear Google Play Services update cache by navigating to Settings->Apps->Google Play Services-> Clear data.

Repeat the same for Google Play Store. If the issue still persists, contact MDM support.

Applies to: Android Enrollment Failed, Device Enrollment, FCM Registration Failed

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