What are managed app configurations?

Managed app configurations are the built-in capabilities in many iOS, Android and Windows apps that allows admins to pre-configure these apps while distributing them to devices. Organizations can leverage managed app configurations with the help of a mobile device management solution like Mobile Device Manager Plus (MDM). Every configuration has a key value pair which needs to be passed to the app when they're distributed using the MDM solution.

Benefits of managed app configurations

Managed app configurations have various benefits in simplifying mobile application management in mobile-first organizations. Some of the benefits are:

  • While distributing apps with a tedious setup process to non-technical employees, admins can pre-configure the details while distributing these apps to ensure the app is ready to use immediately upon installation.
  • Apps that have user specific setup process can also be pre-configured with the users' credentials by specifying dynamic variables as values to the keys in managed app configurations
  • Organizations can configure the app settings to ensure users do not modify certain critical settings
  • Apply app specific restrictions while distributing the apps to devices

Pre-requisites for Managed app configurations

To leverage managed app configurations, you need to ensure the apps meet the following pre-requisites:

  • The app developed with the managed app configurations capabilities built-in.
  • The apps must be distributed using MDM and in case of Android apps, they must be approved from Managed Google Play.
  • In case of Android, managed app configurations are supported for Samsung (6.0) devices and devices provisioned as Device Owner, Profile Owner.

How to pre-configure apps with managed app configurations?

Follow the steps given below to deploy managed app configurations while distributing apps to devices

  • On the MDM console, add iOS, Android and Windows apps to the App Repository
  • Select the app you wish to configure and navigate to the Configurations tab under Specifications.
  • Here you'll have to provide the following details:
    • iOS devices: XML file with the configuration details
    • Android devices: Values for the specified keys
    • Windows devices: Required key and value pair
  • Save the configurations and distribute the apps to the required devices and Groups

Example apps with Managed App Configurations support

Mobile Device Manager Plus supports managed app configurations for Store and enterprise apps. Refer the following documents on the required app configuration details:

Refer this document for Managed App Configurations in iOS and Android devices.