Enhancements & Bug fixes between Build 91030 and 92000


  1. Free edition users can now manage up to 25 devices.
  2. Ability to customize RAM memory consumption, to optimize performance of PostgreSQL database has been introduced.
  3. Android agent network usage has been optimized to handle connections efficiently.
  4. Ability to modify device user's email is now supported.
  5. Provision to upload Android agent logs from device is now supported.
  6. AET dependency for installing ME MDM App has been removed. ME MDM App can now be installed from Windows Phone App Store.
  7. MDM now provides full support for Windows Mobile 10, except for App Management.
  8. DER extension certificate files can now be imported.
  9. MDM is now available in Swedish, Danish, Russian and Finnish languages.
  10. MDM now supports 2048-bit certificates.
  11. Host name mismatch issues while configuring NAT and enrolling devices has been fixed.
  12. Remote Code Execution and Directory Traversal Vulnerability have been fixed.
  13. Issues in restoring PGSQL database in specific cases has been fixed.
  14. Vulnerable RC4 Cipher used for secured communication has now been disabled.
  15. Issues in displaying certain non-English characters as junk has been fixed.

Device Enrollment

  1. Rapid Enrollment of Corporate Android Devices Using Near Field Communication (NFC) Bump is now supported.
  2. Automated 'KNOX Mobile Enrollment' is now supported for KNOX 2.4 and above devices.
  3. Automated Enrollment of Corporate iOS Devices through Apple Business Manager (ABM) is now supported.
  4. MDM is now enhanced to support Apple Configurator 1.7.2 for Quicker Enrollment of Corporate iOS Devices.
  5. Admin privileges have been introduced to un-manage device using Revoke Administration Password.
  6. When a device is not reachable during enrollment, ability to re-establish connection with the device, has been introduced.
  7. MDM for iOS is now enhanced to detect Port 5223 Block during enrollment.
  8. Issues in displaying user details page when device name has special characters has been fixed.
  9. Issues in modifying ABM settings has been fixed.
  10. Issues in re-enrolling a device using Admin Enrollment has been fixed.

Profile Management

  1. Wi-Fi profile is now supported for Windows Phone 8.1 and later versions.
  2. MDM now supports configuring VPN On-Demand profiles for iOS devices.
  3. Kiosk in iOS now supports enabling/disabling device buttons and accessibility settings.
  4. Additional settings to configure Exchange account display name, business and non-business hour sync schedules and security policies have been introduced in Android Exchange ActiveSync profile.
  5. Options to restrict S Finder, Air View, Air Command, User Creation, encrypting external SD Card and Account Addition has been introduced for Samsung devices.
  6. Passcode profile is now enhanced to allow/restrict Fingerprint authentication for Android devices.
  7. MDM now supports restricting users from modifying device name, wallpaper, passcode and more, for iOS 9 devices.
  8. Issues in configuring hidden networks and manual proxy in Wi-Fi Profile has been fixed for Android devices.
  9. Issues in Reset Passcode length validation has been fixed for Android devices.

App Management

  1. You can now sync B2B apps, purchased using ABM
  2. Users can switch between ABM distribution modes now.
  3. Ability to add pre-installed apps in Kiosk mode has been introduced.
  4. Apps can now be installed without requiring an Apple ID in iOS 9 devices.
  5. Ability to install approved apps from App Catalog while restricting Playstore or App Store has been introduced for Android and iOS devices.
  6. Appx format apps can now be added to App Repository under windows phone enterprise apps.
  7. Issues in distributing licensed apps to groups has been fixed.
  8. Issues in App Catalog for iOS devices has been fixed and design changes have been implemented.
  9. Issues due to lengthy app names has been fixed.
  10. Issues in fetching ABM details, installing ABM apps in devices running iOS 9.2 has been fixed.
  11. Issues in prompting user registration for apps distributed as 'Apps without Apple ID', has been fixed.
  12. Issues in extracting app details from non-encrypted iOS .ipa files has been fixed.
  13. Issues in distributing apps to iPad during device Enrollment has been fixed.

Inventory Management

  1. Inventory now displays pre-installed Android apps which can also be blocklisted henceforth.
  2. Geo-Tracking is now enhanced to locate iOS devices instantly and also shows locations of all devices in a unified view.
  3. Geo-Tracking is now supported for devices running Windows Phone 8.1 and above.
  4. Geo-Tracking is now enhanced to enable tracking for 'Selected Groups' or 'All Devices' with an option to exclude specific groups.
  5. MDM is now enhanced to include new columns for maintaining Asset Details, Purchase Details and Warranty Details of Devices in the Inventory view.
  6. MDM now displays device phone number and serial number for non-SAFE devices in device details view.
  7. Issues in retaining the modified device name after scanning has been fixed.
  8. Issues in assigning users, when the device serial number is empty has been fixed.
  9. Issues in identifying device user during enrollment has been fixed.
  10. Duplicate listing when enrolling the same Android device has been fixed.
  11. Issues in detecting Android device type and iPod device type has been fixed.
  12. Issues in detecting SIM Information of Samsung Devices has been fixed.
  13. Issues in displaying custom message, when an iOS 9 device is remotely locked has been fixed.