Associating Device Template to a new device

Listed down are the different ways to associate a device template to an individual device or multiple devices in your network.

  1. While discovering a device, it is automatically associated with the relevant device template.
  2. If you've added the device already to your network, you can re-discover it in order to associate it with a device template. To do it, go to Inventory → Devices and click on the required device to access that device's snapshot page. Now click on the three-line menu (on the top right corner) and select the 'Rediscover device' option.
  3. You can also go to a device's snapshot page (navigate to the Inventory → Devices and click on the device name), click on the three-line menu (on the top right corner) and tap 'Edit device details'. From there, you can re-associate any device template to that particular device.
  4. Click on Settings → Configuration → Device Template and tap 'Associate' in the top-right corner to associate devices. You can also click 'Save and Associate' inside the edit window of any device template to associate it your devices.
  5. To associate devices in bulk, you can either use the Quick Configuration Wizard under Settings → Configuration, or you can select the required devices from the Inventory page, tap on the three-dot menu (adjacent to the 'Generate Repprts' option) and click 'Associate Device Template'.

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