Create New Users

You can create users in OpManager and provide required privileges to them. The option to create users is available only for the admin login account or those accounts which have 'Full Control' privilege.

Administrator User: Administrator Users have unrestricted access to perform read/ write operations in OpManager. They add/remove devices, troubleshoot issues, change configurations and more without any limitations i.e they have complete access.

Operator User: Operator Users have read-only/ restricted access in OpManager. They can be granted further access by the Administrator User.  

Custom User:  Custom User roles provide the customization of user access for different modules in OpManager. The different levels of access that can be provided in OpManager for users through Custom Roles include: Read/Write, Read and No Access. To learn how to create Custom User Roles, click here.

Steps to add a user:

  1. Go to Settings → General Settings → User Management → Users → Add.
  2. Select user role in Role as AdministratorOperator or the desired Custom Role from the drop down list
  3. Select User Type from the drop down list and enter the required user details.
  • Local Authentication
  • Radius Authentication
  • AD Authentication
  1. User Details:
  • Email ID -  Email ID for the user
  • Phone Number: Enter the user's phone number
  • Mobile Number: Enter the user's mobile number
  • Password: Create a password for the above user
  • Re-type Password: Retype the password for confirmation
  • Time Zone: Enter the Time zone of the user's location 
  • Domain Name - Select the desired AD domain from the list of available domains or Click Add Domain to add a new domain

Note: This Email ID will be used in password recovery when the user clicks the Forgot Password option in the login page.

  1. Scope:

    Modules - You can select the add-on modules that you want the user to have access for. 
    Monitor - You can provide this user access to either All Devices, or only Selected Business Views. If Selected Business Views is selected, you can give the access to all business views with Select All option. Based on the option chosen here, access to devices in the allowed add-on modules will be determined. 

  2. Click Add User to add the user according to the scope specified here

Logout and try logging in as the new user and check the privileges.

 Note: The created user can customize which modules (that they have access to) they want displayed by clicking on the Settings icon -> Displayed Modules.