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Secure financial data

from internal and external attacks

with ADAudit Plus.

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Receive ready-made
compliance audit
Monitor access to
sensitive cardholder
Track user logon and
logoff activities
Streamline PCI DSS
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Financial institutions that trust us with their IT security needs.

With ADAudit Plus, financial organization can:

Gain real-time visibility into AD changes.
Monitor changes to users, groups, organizational units (OUs), Group policy Objects (GPOs), and more across on-premises Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD.
Detect insider threats with UBA.
Leverage user behavior analytics (UBA) to detect anomalous file changes, malicious logon activity, unusual AD changes, and more.
Audit access to files with financial data.
Track successful and failed attempts to read, write, create, modify, copy-and-paste, move, and rename files containing sensitive date such as cardholder details.
Trigger instant alerts on anomalies.
Delect anomalous user activity instantly, alert administrators via email and SMS, and automate incident response to events like ransomware attacks
Audit user logon/logoff activity.
Track users' logon and logoff times, logon duration, logon failures, and remote desktop usage to identify perpetrators of unauthorized accesses from workstations.
Sail through compliance audits.
Meet the requirements of regulatory compliances for financial institutions with out-of-the-box audit reports for PCI DSS, GDPR, FISMA, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA ISO 27001, and more.

Case studies of customers in the finance sector:

"ADAudit Plus gives us a wealth of information about what is occuring within our AD infrastructure, which we couldn't know earlier."

- Chris Schum
information security officer, Central Bank

"ADAudit Plus results are great. We have full knowledge of what is going on in our organization and in our Active Directory."

- Nikola Mugosa
IT dept, Erste Bank A.D. Podgorica

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