Integration with Workday

    ADManager Plus and Workday integration will facilitate automatic user creation in Active Directory based on the new user data entered in Workday. Apart from user creation, this integration also supports user account modification and deletion. 

    Steps to configure Workday in ADManager Plus:

    1. Logon to ADManager Plus.
    2. Navigate to the Automation tab and click HCM Integrations.
    3. Click Workday located under HCM applications.
    4. In Account Details section, enter the workday admin account user name, password and Endpoint URL. Click Test Connection and Save.
    5. In Data Source - LDAP Attribute Mapping section, enter a suitable configuration name and description. 
    6. In the attribute mapping field, you can map multiple AD LDAP attributes to its corresponding fields in the Workday. For example, you can set "sn" is equal to "Last_Name".  
    7. Click Add to save the settings.
    Note: The Enable Integration button is turned on by default. Toggle it off to disable Workday integration.

    Actions supported:

    • Create user accounts
    • Modify user attributes
    • Modify user accounts by Template
    • Reset password
    • Unlock users
    • Disable users
    • Enable users
    • Delete users
    • Run custom scripts
    • Move users across groups
    • Add users to groups
    • Remove users from groups
    • Create mailbox
    • Disable or Delete mailbox
    • Move Home Folder
    • Delete Home Folder
    • Revoke Microsoft 365 licenses
    • Manage user photos
    • Disable Lync accounts
    • Auto reply