Integration with Zoho People

    By integrating ADManager Plus and Zoho People, users can be automatically created in Active Directory based on the user details entered in Zoho People. Apart from user creation, this integration also supports user account management actions. 

    Configure Zoho People settings in ADManager Plus

    1. Logon to ADManager Plus as the admin.
    2. Navigate to the Automation tab.
    3. In the left pane, select HCM Integrations.
    4. Under HCM applications, select Zoho People and click Server Details.
    5. Enter the Zoho Account URL in the respective field. You can know more here.
    6. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret in the respective fields.
    7. Note: In case you do not have the client ID and client secret, follow these steps to obtain them.

      Steps to obtain Client ID and Client secret through Zoho Accounts

      • Open Zoho Accounts page from your browser. You can know more here.
      • Click ADD CLIENT and select Server Based Applications.

        Integration with Zoho People

      • In the pop up enter the requested information as follows,
        • Client Name - The name of the client that is being integrated. For example: ADManagerPlus
        • Homepage URL
          • Syntax: <protocol>://<host>:<port>
          • Example: http://user-1234:8080
        • Authorized Redirect URLs
          • Syntax: <protocol>://<host>:<port>/
          • Example: http://user-1234:8080/
          • or http://localhost:8080/

        Integration with Zoho People

      • Click Create to finish.
      • Now navigate to the home page and select 'ADManager Plus' and navigate to the Client Secret tab to view the client ID and client secret, as shown in the image below.
      • Integration with Zoho People

    8. The Mapping Attributes section is for mapping various fields in the application being integrated to their corresponding AD attributes. For example, the 'First Name' in Zoho People can be mapped to the AD attribute 'User Name'.
    9. Click Save.
      Note: The Enable Integration button is turned on by default. Toggle it off to disable Zoho People integration.

    Troubleshooting steps

    1. Error: invalid_client

      Resolution: This error can arise when an invalid Client ID or secret is entered. Check if the correct client ID and secret and try again.

    2. Error: invalid_client_secret

      Resolution: This error can arise when an invalid Client secret is entered. Check if the correct client secret and try again.

    3. Error: invalid_code

      Resolution: This error occurs when the refresh token used to generate a new access token is wrong or revoked. Check if the correct refresh token value is specified before refreshing an access token and try again.

    4. Error: invalid_redirect_uri

      Resolution: This error can arise when there is a mismatch between the redirect URI in the request and the one registered in the developer console. Specify the correct redirect URI in the request and try again.

    Actions supported:

    • Create user accounts
    • Modify user attributes
    • Modify user accounts by Template
    • Reset password
    • Unlock users
    • Disable users
    • Enable users
    • Delete users
    • Run custom scripts
    • Move users across groups
    • Add users to groups
    • Remove users from groups
    • Create mailbox
    • Disable or Delete mailbox
    • Move Home Folder
    • Delete Home Folder
    • Revoke Microsoft 365 licenses
    • Manage user photos
    • Disable Lync accounts
    • Auto reply