Sharing an automation

    The 'share automation' option makes it possible for administrators and help desk technicians to share the tasks that they automate (Automations) with fellow help desk technicians and/or technician groups, allowing them also to view, copy and execute them.

    To share an automation,

    • Click the Automation tab.
    • In the left pane, under Automation, click the 'Automation' link. You will now be able to see the list of all existing automations.
    • Point the mouse over the name of the automation that you wish to share, and click the share icon that is displayed beside the automation name.
    • In the share scheduler window that opens up, click the 'choose' link and select the desired technicians. If you wish to share this schedule with all the technicians, select the 'share with all technicians' option.
      Note: The technicians with whom the automation is shared will have the permission to only view, copy, and execute the automation. They will not be able to edit it.
    • Click Share.