Reports are the account of all the assets details in printable format. ManageEngine AssetExplorer has default reports which are commonly used on daily basis. The default reports are, all computers, servers, software, workstation summary reports, audit reports, resources, contracts, purchase. Using default reports users can retrieve all key details about the assets.


    You also have an option to create reports on your own. Other options available are,

    • New Custom reports: In customized report user should specify specific criteria to get the required information.

    • New Query report: In query report user should type the query to ping the database to get required information.

    • New Scheduled report: In scheduled report the user can schedule to generate reports on a daily or weekly or on a monthly basis.

    • Custom Settings: The custom settings wizard helps you to customize the report column size

    The reports generated can be of three types such as, tabular report, matrix report, summary report & audit reports.


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