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Leading Cement Company in India Adopts Endpoint Central, Improves Desktop Operational Efficiency by 60 percent, and Cuts Costs drastically

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About company:

A leading cement company in India produces more than nine million tons of Portland cement a year. Its manufacturing units are spread across southern India.

The Challenge

The company wanted to enhance and streamline its desktop management operations. Its IT team comprises only three members, and they manage the company's entire IT setup. The manufacturing unit, on an everyday basis, used desktop computers to prepare documents, create and store invoice transactions, track inventory supplies, and more.

The IT team did not have a consolidated desktop management solution and an asset management tool. Instead, the team used Excel spreadsheets to track assets. They deployed software applications manually and used several free tools for system management. In addition, troubleshooting desktop computers required team members to physically go to each computer and work on it in person. In turn, the company's IT tasks became time-consuming and cumbersome.

The Solution

Clearly, the company needed a comprehensive solution to streamline their IT operations and recapture lost time. The IT manager had a checklist of the various aspects of IT management he wanted in the solution. He wanted efficient, easy-to-use software that provided asset management, software management, and remote control

“Before purchasing Desktop Central(currently Endpoint Central), we tried some of the freeware products, but those products were not capable of handling full-fledged desktop operations,“ explains the manager of the IT division. “We got to know about Desktop Central(currently Endpoint Central) through other ManageEngine products such as Net Flow Analyzer and Event Log Analyzer, which help in monitoring IT network performance. And our search for a desktop management solution came to an end”

Endpoint Central Difference:

The IT team predominantly uses the asset management, software application, and remote control features from Endpoint Central. Using the ManageEngine solution, the team tracks hardware and software assets and performs automated software deployment. In turn, the company is improving its IT operations and simultaneously saving time and effort.

Thanks to Endpoint Central agents that are user-friendly, lightweight, and constantly connected to the server, fetching updated information is quite simple. Using this information, the IT team can easily perform audits. The remote control capabilities let the team provide virtual assistance and troubleshoot remotely.

The organization uses its in-house ERP application to manage production inventory details. One of the primary tasks of IT is to ensure that this ERP is always up and running. Endpoint Central enables the IT team to provide instant support to all employees who use such applications. The automated patch monitoring and deployment from Endpoint Central helps the team keep the operating system and third-party applications up to date, shielding data from outside threats.

“Needless to mention, we had a substantial ROI,“ declares the IT manager. “We reduced manpower, and operational efficiency has been enhanced by 60%. The best thing about Desktop Central(currently Endpoint Central) is that it is very user-friendly and equipped with a lot of customized reporting options. It is compatible with Active Directory, anti-virus software, and third-party applications. I am 100% satisfied with Desktop Central(currently Endpoint Central).“

About Endpoint Central

Endpoint Central is a complete Desktop and Mobile Device Management software that provides software deployment, enterprise mobile management, patch management, service pack installation, asset management, remote control, configurations, system tools, user logon reports, and Active Directory reports. It is a network-neutral solution that can be used to manage desktops in Active Directory, workgroups, and Novell eDirectory. It can manage computers in multiple domains and across a WAN. Endpoint Central helps achieve compliance with standards such as SOX, HIPAA, and PCI. It also provides a bundle of useful reports to meet compliance audits.