Behavioral Detection

Intelligent anomaly detection around the clock

Ransomware attacks infect thousands of devices and leave organizations of all sizes to deal with its ramifications. In May 2021, the USA's Colonial Pipeline was the victim of a large ransomware attack, bringing much of the country's pipeline systems to a halt and leading the government to declare a state of emergency.

While large enterprises struggle with the loss of consumer trust as a consequence of these kinds of attacks, small-and-medium-sized businesses are equally vulnerable because they may not have the budget or the security resources to bear the brunt of a ransomware incident. Although there's been a significant rise in public awareness following these incidents, ransomware outbreaks still occur with alarming regularity. Despite prevention being the ideal solution, many organizations fail to prevent ransomware attacks, especially as new and advanced threats emerge. As a result, early detection is the next best line of action.

Endpoint Central's Anti Ransomware uses patented ML-assisted behavioral detection methods to observe and identify suspicious activity that resembles a ransomware pattern. As the leading technology in ransomware detection, behavioral detection methods widen the scope of ransomware detection and assist organizations in detecting both existing and newer forms of ransomware. Since the anomalous behavior is immediately identified, organizations can carry out remediation procedures while the ransomware is still largely benign in the network.

How is ransomware detected?

Anti-Ransomware employs behavior-based detection techniques assisted by Machine learning to examine files for suspicious activity. An alert is triggered if a file modification or encryption activity resembling a ransomware attack is registered. Alerts that have the same pattern across devices are automatically grouped together and reported as an incident along with a list of the devices and files involved. Following this, the incidents can be reviewed and handled.

Advantages of Anti-Ransomware's patented intelligent detection feature

Anti-Ransomware's real-time behavior detection tool is designed to keep pace with ransomware's ever-evolving nature by:

  • Greatly improving detection accuracy, resulting in significantly fewer false positives.
  • Offering offline native protection for continuous detection even when the systems are offline.
  • Achieving early detection by alerting on even a single anomalous process.
  • Defending against previously unheard-of ransomware threats.
  • Preventing further threats to future-proof an organization's security measures.
  • Co-existing alongside the existing antivirus solution to provide a second layer of security.