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    Log360 Cloud

    To configure Log360 Cloud to receive data from your local EventLog Analyzer installation, you need to get the security access key of Log360 Cloud and enter it in your local EventLog Analyzer installation.

    To get the security access key of Log360 Cloud,

    1. Login to your Log360 Cloud account.
    2. Navigate to Settings → Admin Settings → Agent Configuration.
    3. Copy the access key present in Step 3.

    To enter the access key in the EventLog Analyzer console, 

    1. If you have not downloaded EventLog Analyzer already, visit
    2. Login to your local Eventlog Analyzer console.
    3. Navigate to Settings → Admin Settings → Log360 Cloud.
    4. In the Access key field, enter the security access key of Log360 Cloud and click Save.

    On entering the security access key, data synchronization will begin and EventLog Analyzer will start pushing logs to the cloud.

    Temporary storage location for synchronization data is the following:

    Log sync: EventLog Analyzer → data → Log360Agent → Queue

    Database sync:EventLog Analyzer → data → Log360Agent → DBSyncData

    • Log sync data will be compressed up to 18 times and stored in the specified temporary location. Database sync data will be stored in the raw format without being compressed.
    • When the cloud storage limit is exceeded, log sync will be stopped. Log data collected after that point will be stored in the temporary location specified. Once space is made available, logs will be indexed from that location and moved to the cloud storage space.
    • The following outbound ports should be open in the firewall of the server where EventLog Analyzer is installed:
    • HTTPS - 450 and HTTP - 80 for versions lower than 12040
    • HTTPS - 444 and HTTP - 80 for versions higher than or equal to 12040


    To edit the access key, click the edit icon next to the access key.

    Log Filter

    To enable Log Filters, place the cursor over the Log Sync section. Click the Log Filter option that gets displayed. In the screen that appears, click the Enable Filter check box and set the required filters by choosing from the options displayed.

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