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    List of reports for vCenter Monitoring

    Cluster changes

    • Cluster created
    • Cluster destroyed
    • Cluster renamed
    • Cluster reconfigured

    Datacenter changes

    • Datacenter created
    • Datacenter deleted
    • Datacenter renamed

    Datastore changes

    • Datastore created
    • Datastore destroyed
    • Datastore renamed
    • Datastore file copied
    • Datastore file moved
    • Datastore file deleted

    Folder changes

    • Folder created
    • Folder deleted
    • Folder renamed
    • Inventory objects moved into a folder

    Permission changes

    • Permission created
    • Permission removed
    • Permission updated

    Resource pool changes

    • Resource pool created
    • Resource pool destroyed
    • Resource pool moved
    • Resource pool reconfigured

    Role changes

    • Role added
    • Role removed
    • Role updated

    VM changes

    • VM created
    • VM deployed
    • VM removed
    • VM renamed
    • VM reconfigured
    • VM power state changes

    Device changes

    • Device added
    • Device added failure
    • Device IP changed
    • Device shutdown
    • Device removed
    • Device connection overview
    • Device powered down to standby

    EventLog Analyzer also provides predefined alert criteria for all the above mentioned vCenter events. Setting up vCenter alert profile is same as setting up a predefined alert profile, except that you need to choose 'vCenter' type in alert criteria.

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