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Apache log analyzer

Ascertain your Apache HTTP server's usage, discover loopholes in configuration, and improve the web server's structure and overall performance.

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Do you have a bird's-eye view over your Apache server logs?

See how you can achieve complete visibility, perform Apache log analysis, and ensure security from web server attacks with EventLog Analyzer.

  • Audit Apache server activity by analyzing log files with comprehensive reports and graphs.
  • Detect suspicious user activity on your Apache web server by monitoring Apache access logs.
  • Receive real-time alerts through SMS and email if malicious activities are detected.
  • Gain deep insights into your Apache server activity with the help of predefined intuitive reports, which help you uncover suspicious usage patterns.
  • Drill down to raw data to obtain required information.
  • Import logs from different variants of Apache web servers, including Apache Tomcat servers.

Apache log file monitoring

Automate the Apache log monitoring process and efficiently extract required information from your logs with interactive dashboards and reports. With instant alerts, you can discover critical events within the massive volume of log data.

Apache log management

Centralize your Apache server logs, automate log file imports, receive predefined Apache web server reports and alerts, utilize flexible search options, and automate log archival based on a specified schedule.

Apache access log analysis

Analyzing Apache access logs is crucial for monitoring your Apache web servers. Apache access logs contain vital information such as the client IP address, the HTTP request, and the timestamp. By keeping tabs on inbound requests to the Apache web server, malicious user activity can be detected in time to prevent an attack.

Apache log parser

EventLog Analyzer, Apache log parser software, readily collects, parses, and indexes logs generated from your Apache servers. It parses important values in Apache logs by default, including the date and time of the event, the IP address and username associated with the event, the Apache status code, and the number of bytes transferred.

EventLog Analyzer's custom log parser helps you import any human-readable log and automatically extracts known fields such as IP address, date, time, and source IP. From there, you can set up alert criteria, build correlation rules, and complete other tasks using custom fields.

How you can overcome operational and cybersecurity
challenges with EventLog Analyzer

  • Apache web server reports
  • Apache web server attack reports

Apache web server reports

  • Discover the most frequently occurring errors in your Apache web servers.
  • Identify the most popular pages on your website to gain insight into user response.
  • See who is accessing your site frequently and learn how they discovered it.
  • Investigate the occurrence of any particular error and its cause with the aid of the product's log forensics capabilities.

Apache web server attack reports

Website administrators should always keep an eye out for common attacks such as SQL injection attacks, malicious URL requests, and DDoS attacks. EventLog Analyzer's event correlation engine can help mitigate these attacks by monitoring Apache logs in real time for suspicious activity. You can also:

  • Analyze Apache logs for attacks.
  • Create reports on anomalies.
  • Get notified about potential threats instantly.

Fortune 100 companies prefer EventLog Analyzer
as their Apache log monitoring software


Ratings and reviews

Recognized and loved globally

Amazing event monitoring software
The best part of ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer is that the interface is very intuitive and quick to grasp.

Administrator Information technology and services

Great for centralizing all your windows machines. You can flag certain events to trigger different actions of your choosing.

Joseph L IT manager

EventLog Analyzer is able of monitor file integrity, analyze log data, track privileged users and examine data logs. The software is secure as it uses latest encryption technologies.

Sophie S eAfrica Solutions, administrator

I am very happy with my experience of using the EventLog Analyzer as after the very installation, it alerted my team about potential threats that were near to attack the servers. Also, It has reduced manual work on my business applications, hence, saving a lot of time and effort in the safeguarding process.

Knowledge specialist Communications industry

Great log management suite.I loved how easy this software was to configure. I had all my logs pointed to it and flowing nicely in no time at all. It makes it very easy to look at your data and get a grasp of what is happening on your network.


Great for centralizing all your windows machines. You can flag certain events to trigger different actions of your choosing.

Joseph L IT manager

Complete visibility into
your Apache web server logs

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