Configure Cisco ASA using ASDM

    • Load the ASDM.
    • Select Configuration > Device Management > Logging > Logging Setup.


    • Select Enable Logging.
    • Select Logging > Logging Filters.
    • Choose the syslog-servers as Informational.
    • Select Logging > Syslog servers.
    • Click Add.

    • Enter the IP address and choose the appropriate interface. Also, ensure that you choose UDP and enter the port number 514 or 1514.
    • Select Logging > Syslog Setup.
    • Select Include time stamp in syslogs option and scroll down to ensure the syslog IDs 302013, 302014, 302015 & 302016 are in enabled state and the logging level is set to Informational.

    Refer the links for Security event syslog IDs and VPN event syslog IDs to be enabled.