Configuring Cisco Devices - Meraki

    Firewall Analyzer supports the following versions of various Cisco devices.


    Configuring Cisco Meraki

    To configure Cisco Meraki to send log data to Firewall Analyzer,

    1. Open your Meraki dashboard.
    2. Select a device.
    3. Select Alerts & Administration.
    4. Scroll down to the Logging section and click Add a syslog server.
    5. Type the IP address of your Firewall Analyzer.
    6. Type port number 1514.
    7. Choose which types of events to export:
      1. Event Log —The messages from the dashboard under Monitor > Event Log.
      2. Flows — Inbound and outbound traffic flow-generated syslog messages that include the source, destination, and port numbers.
      3. URL— HTTP GET requests generating syslog entries.



    Note: You can direct each type of traffic to a different syslog server.

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    For troubleshooting, refer the vendor documentation: