Configure Zyxel Firewalls

    Firewall Analyzer supports Zyxel firewal versions ZLD 4.25 or higher

    Configure Zyxel Firewalls

    Configure Zyxel device to forward syslog data to Firewall Analyzer.

    1. Log into the Zyxel Web Interface.
    2. Navigate to Configuration > Log & Report > Log Settings.




    1. Choose a Remote Server.
    2. Click Active.
    3. Choose Log Format as VRPT/Syslog.
    4. Enter the IP address of the Firewall analyzer in Server Address field.
    5. Select Local 7 in Log Facility field.
    6. Select the Categories you want to be logged (normal = default logs, debug = very detailed logs, disable = no logs)





    Default syslog server port is 514, If you want to change it, please refer the document given in the below link:!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=015123&lang=EN