Mail server settings

    These settings are important when e-mail notifications have to be sent for alerts generated and when Scheduled Reports have to be emailed.

    Mail Sever Settings

    Option Default Value Description
    Server Name
    The name of the outgoing SMTP server used to send e-mails.
    The port number on the outgoing server that is used to send e-mails.
    From Email ID
    The "From" address of the mail that is being sent. 
    To Email ID
    The Email address to which the E-mail notifications have to be sent.
    User Name
    The authentication user name for the mail server.

    The corresponding password for mail server authentication. 

    Encryption Protocol

    Enable SSL/TLS connection to send secure information´╗┐.

    Add a secondar mail server

    Configure a secondary mail server to receive uninterrupted alerts via email when the primary server is down´╗┐.