Customized deployment templates

Customize deployment to organization needs

Most organizations have different departments and various user roles. Each department and user role often requires a unique combination of an OS and different applications based on their business needs, and creating a new image with a different set of configurations to suit each department and user role can be a challenge.

With OS Deployer, administrators can customize a single standardized image, tailored to assist the deployment needs of your organization, using deployment templates.

How to customize an image for deployment

OS Deployer enables admins to easily create different deployment templates according to the needs of various departments and user roles in the network. Within the deployment template, you can select the image for deployment, select the required partitions in the image, and configure the post-deployment activities to be performed in the target computer.

What are the customizations offered in the deployment template?

Image partition selections

Once you have captured the disk partition imaging details, you can categorize and decide the partitions needed for each employee role and department. You can then select the required partitions from the image for the deployment process.

Partition wise deployment

Admins can choose either to overwrite or deploy the partition as a new partition based on what the situation calls for. You can also choose to delete available partitions in the target computers and proceed with the deployment process.

Disk adjustment settings

You can choose to extend the data partitions by utilizing the unallocated spaces in the disk by enabling disk adjustment settings. During deployment, this will neatly align the OS image on the target computer according to the disk size.

Post-deployment activities

Besides deploying an OS, admins have to perform a lot of tasks to set up a computer for a new employee. The admin has to name the target computer, add it to the domain, add the user accounts, and install the required software. These tasks can be automated using the post-deployment configurations available in the deployment templates of OS Deployer.

System-specific configurations

Admins can also choose to define post-deployment configurations for each machine individually by creating system-specific configurations. This setting can be configured using the system's MAC address and service tag details.

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