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Deploy operating systems anywhere across the globe with OS Deployer

Due to globalization, many organizations have offices in locations throughout the world. Setting up a new remote office involves many tasks for IT administrators; one major task is purchasing new computers and installing properly configured operating systems and software on them. Most organizations maintain a standardized OS for all branch office computers. However, configuring a new master system for imaging, creating different sets of deployment templates and tasks, and deploying these onto the target computers can be a complex and tiresome task.

Through its remote office management feature, OS Deployer simplifies this process by deploying the requisite operating systems and required software across multiple offices in a few simple steps.

Key Benefits of OS Deployer

  • Facilitates affordable, simple, and quick solution for remote office deployments.
  • Standardizes OS deployments across all branch office computers using a common master image.
  • Utilizes low bandwidth for the deployment process.
  • Deploys OS centrally from a single console.

Three simple steps to deploy operating systems in remote offices with OS Deployer.

  1. Create a remote office with a distribution server using the server console. This server will help you save bandwidth, while facilitating the OS deployment process to remote offices—all from a single console.
  2. Replicate images from the local office for the remote office, as opposed to creating new images.
  3. Associate deployment tasks with the remote office, instead of configuring new deployment settings and creating new deployment tasks.

These steps will help your organization save time, effort, and money during the OS deployment process.

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