Licenses Assignment in OS Deployer

This article describes the cases when a license is acquired from ManageEngine License Server


There are two cases when licenses are acquired from ManageEngine License Server:

  • Installation of ManageEngine OS Deployer Management Agent
  • First deployment to a computer.

You can deploy any amount of images any number of times to one computer that has one license assigned to it. Once one license is assigned to one computer, it will not need new licenses for successful deployment.

License is assigned to MAC address of the corresponding NIC of a computer. Hence if the NIC is replaced in a computer, it will need a new license to work with ManageEngine OS Deployer Management Agent or to perform deployment.

More information

Please note that license is not required during the installation of ManageEngine OS Deploy Server, ManageEngine License Server and ManageEngine Management Console.

For the installation of ManageEngine OS Deploy Server it is required that ManageEngine License Server is present in network and have some licenses imported. However ManageEngine OS Deploy Server does not take any license by itself.

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