Remote File Transfer During Windows RDP Sessions
(Feature available in the Enterprise Edition only)

Password Manager Pro lets users securely transfer files to target machines during the remote sessions launched from Password Manager Pro's web interface. For Windows machines, the files can be transferred to and from the target machine during an RDP session.

  1. Steps to transfer files to the remote machine
  2. Steps to copy files from the remote machine

1. Steps to Transfer Files to the Remote Machine

  1. To initiate an RDP session from the Resources tab, click the Open Connection icon beside the required Windows resource. [OR] Navigate to the Connections >> All My Connections and log into the Windows machine.
  2. Once the RDP console opens, go to the remote machine's My Computer folder and click the new drive named Cloud Storage on <IP address>  here. This is the temporary folder that will enable you to transfer files to and from the remote machine.

  3. Click the folder icon that appears at the top of the screen as shown in the image below.

  4. In the window that opens, click Choose Files and choose the files you want to transfer from your local machine.

  5. Once you have chosen the files, they will be uploaded automatically to the cloud storage disk. Now, copy the uploaded files from the cloud storage disk and onto any other folder in the remote machine.

2. Steps to Copy Files from the Remote Machine

Follow the below steps to copy files from the remote machine to your local machine.

  1. Copy and paste the required file from the remote machine in the cloud storage disk. Now, the file will appear in the file transfer window as shown below.
  2. Click the download icon against the file. Now the file will be downloaded to your local machine.