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Jump server configuration

Data centers are usually located in strategic sites due to factors such as physical security, climate conditions, environmental factors, and availability of telecommunications and networking facilities. To remotely access their data centers, authorized administrators have to initially connect to one or more jump servers, since direct SSH and Telnet connections are prohibited due to network segmentation and other security reasons.

This process of intermediate hops can prove to be difficult and time consuming, especially because the admin has to identify all landing servers in a network and their connections. On top of that, user credentials should be provided manually for all servers. And, this same procedure has to be repeated multiple times each day.

Password Manager Pro spares its users from this burden by simplifying the entire remote access process with jump server configuration. With Password Manager Pro, data center remote access is much faster, helping you achieve increased operational efficiency and productivity.

Automate quicker connections to remote data centers. Skip hops and jumps.

Password Manager Pro simplifies data center remote access management with a centralized approach. Admins can consolidate all credentials in Password Manager Pro and map those credentials to respective jump servers. This automates the connecting path to the data center's landing server. Upon configuration, authorized admins can launch a direct connection to the data center while Password Manager Pro executes all intermediate hops in the background. This gives admins a smooth, one-click access to their remote resources, eliminating the need for manual authentication at every hop.

Easily reset passwords for data center resources.

Landing server configuration can also be used by admins to reset passwords for data center equipment that is multiple hops away and ensure remote password synchronization.

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