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Live backup

Since Password Manager Pro is a privileged account management solution, data stored in its database is critical. So, for disaster recovery purposes, Password Manager Pro lets you back up the entire database, including application configurations, system settings, and even password share permissions. You can utilize either automated periodic backups through scheduled tasks or live data backups, both of which are available for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS SQL server.

Secure live data backups for simple recovery.

Configure a live secondary database, running in a remote location, to instantly update itself whenever Password Manager Pro's primary database is changed. Both databases will remain synchronized with each other at all times. In the unlikely event of data loss, you can quickly recover the backup from the secondary database.

Schedule periodic data backups.

Automate data backups to run at regular intervals with scheduled tasks.

Live backup

Ensure security with data encryption.

All data in the backup is encrypted and is as secure as the live, running database. It is stored as a ZIP file in the host where the database server is configured. This database encryption key is not stored with the backup file, but is kept safe in a different location.

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