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Mobile access

For smarter and simpler password management on the move, Password Manager Pro has a native app for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Access passwords from your smartphone.

View all your enterprise passwords from anywhere with the Password Manager Pro mobile app.

  • "Favorite" your frequently used passwords.
  • View passwords that other users have shared with you.
  • Use advanced search and predefined folders to easily locate passwords.
  • Access resource groups that have been shared with you.
  • Approve or deny password access requests from users (if you're the administrator).

Access passwords even when you're offline.

Even when there is no internet connection, you can use the mobile app in secure offline mode to access your passwords. All you need to open the mobile app is the passphrase. Any passwords you have already accessed via your mobile device will be automatically cached in the app for offline use. From there, you can also download any unused passwords you need before losing internet access. Once you're back online, any new passwords shared with you while you were offline are automatically synchronized with the app.

Restrict mobile access to specific users.

Use fine-grained controls provided in the web interface to prevent certain users from accessing Password Manager Pro's mobile app. You can also control who can use offline mode from the web interface and even directly delete the offline copies created by permitted users. Users can also delete these. This provides maximum security and ensures users are only obtaining the password information they need.

No compromise on security.

The app is just as secure as the desktop installation and uses AES-256 encryption for data protection. You can only access the app with valid Password Manager Pro credentials. Moreover, you can make users set a personal passphrase for the app in case the mobile device falls into the wrong hands. Additional protective measures to reinforce security include two-factor authentication and automatic logout after a specified period of inactivity. Audit trails help you keep track of all mobile operations, such as access request approvals by admins, password retrieval by users, and passwords downloaded for offline access.

Mobile access - IOS

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