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In any IT environment, privileged accounts are everywhere. IT administrators, privileged users, external vendors, and business applications all use them to access critical information systems in your network. The higher the account's privileges, the more valuable it is to you, and unfortunately, also to cyberattackers. Privileged account credentials remain an attacker's preferred mode of entry into an organization's network. A carelessly managed account gives attackers the perfect entry point into your system, letting them navigate through multiple servers undetected. Furthermore, when IT admins don't know what employees are doing with their privileges, malicious insiders can abuse their position without anyone noticing.

Without a strategy to track these powerful accounts and rein in their privileges, an account could potentially disappear, only to surface sometime later in a GitHub code repository created by one of your engineers. Moreover, privileged accounts are growing at a rapid pace today due to infrastructure expansions. Together, these factors make protecting and managing the accounts an uphill battle.

To win this battle, both inside and outside your organization, you need an effective solution: one that protects, tracks, and completely manages all your privileged accounts, whether they use password or key-based authentication. You need a solution that empowers you to monitor privileged access to critical information systems from a unified platform. Password Manager Pro, ManageEngine's privileged identity management solutions suite, accomplishes this.

Password Manager Pro encompasses a wide range of essential services that ensure privileged account security and effectively reduce your attack surface. The integral remote access and session management functions enable secure privileged access to critical servers and continuous user activity monitoring during remote sessions.

Additionally, you can integrate with Key Manager Plus to gain access to dedicated modules for comprehensive SSH key management and SSL certificate usage; integrating Password Manager Pro with Key Manager Plus makes for an all-inclusive privileged identity management solution for enterprises.

Protect your organization against privileged identity theft with a truly integrated platform of distinctive security functions, privileged access controls, informative dashboards, and compliance reports.

pim-privileged account management

Privileged account management

Effectively manage privileged accounts that form the security perimeter around mission-critical data servers and other IT assets in your environment, including operating systems, databases, servers, applications, cloud platforms, and networking devices.

pim-ssh key management

SSH key management

Mitigate vulnerabilities created from unmanaged SSH keys by discovering all the SSH systems in your network, listing all user accounts, and creating a centralized inventory of private keys. Create new key pairs, instantly associate and deploy them to target systems, and enforce periodic rotation. Audit all operations pertaining to key management within your enterprise.

pim-remote access management

Remote access management

Establish centralized control on access pathways and define how users connect to target systems. Instead of sharing credentials in clear text, ensure ultimate security in all privileged connections with one-click login capabilities. Tunnel connections through an encrypted channel gateway, requiring no direct connectivity between the user's device and the remote host.

pim-privileged session management

Privileged session management

Prevent misuse and always know what your users are doing with their privileged access. Facilitate advanced monitoring to check whether users-employees and third parties alike-remain within their provisioned scope. Answer all questions related to the "who," "what," and "when" of privileged access.

pim-ssl certificate management

SSL certificate management

Gain complete control over your SSL environment. Avoid certificate expiration oversights, obsolete hashing algorithms, and weak cipher suites that can cost you your customers trust. Experience seamless, end-to-end management of certificate life cycles.

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