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SIEM integration

Cyber attacks don't happen in a single day. Hackers take their time in carrying out a targeted plan. Thankfully, activity logs generated by various IT resources often help security teams identify such threats before they come to fruition. Similarly, if information about privileged access is fed to the enterprise-wide log collection system, SIEM tools can analyze and provide a holistic insight on internal or external threats.

Password Manager Pro comes with SIEM integration capabilities to feed privileged access data to any event management tool. SIEM solutions can then consolidate this information with other events from the rest of the enterprise and provide intelligible tips about unusual activities. This proves extremely useful in acquiring a comprehensive overview of security events and detecting breaches or insider exploits.

Password Ownership Sharing

Generate SNMP traps and syslog messages to your management systems.

Password Manager Pro can be configured to raise SNMP traps and/or syslog messages whenever an activity—including password access, modification, or any other occurrence—takes place within the application. These SNMP traps or syslog messages can be sent to any third-party SIEM tool, which can thoroughly analyze and correlate the data from Password Manager Pro with other network events.

The key benefits of integrating Password Manager Pro with third-party SIEM solutions include:

  • Acquiring an in-depth and holistic view of overall network activity from a central location.
  • Correlating Password Manager Pro events with events emerging from other divisions to identify the root cause of security incidents and derive actionable information.
  • Detecting anomalies in user behavior by reviewing and comparing logs collected over a period of time. For instance, cases of login attempts during odd hours or from an unusual location can help identify an attack early.
  • Providing a credible knowledge base with valuable information to incident response and control teams, helping mitigate insider threats and exploitation of privileged access.

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